Some Ray pictures

Erik 4-A tracked down some old Vassily pictures from 1994/95. I like them because you see Ray smiling and looking strong which is how I will remember her.

Vassily in Georgetown Vassily in a photobooth at North Gate Vassily at the University Sports Bar

I’ve been avoiding posting

It might sound kind of stupid, but I wanted to leave my post about Ray as sort of a tribute and not distract from it by posting about anything else for a while. Reading back on that post, I can see that it was too self-centered. The only attempt at an excuse that I can offer was that I really was completely knocked for a loop by what happened and was trying to make sense of it for myself. Although, I’m not sure why I chose to do that in public.

This is what I should have said:

Ray was great. She was funny, and she loved to laugh. I saw her go through every emotion over the years and through some really tough times, but she was always a joy to be around, and she was an amazing singer.

Whenever I needed a singer for some project, she was at the top of my list. Not just because of her voice, but also because she was fun to work with.

I didn’t know her as a mother, but I can imagine that she was amazing. She was tremendously compassionate and caring.

Since it happened, I’ve heard from many of her friends in Portland or her old friends that she never lost touch with. It is clear that over the years, she never lost those wonderful elements of her personality that we in Seattle got to know and love.

The earth will be less for her not being here.

ok, done

finally caught up on moving over the old posts from the old blog location. This site now has all the content for this blog.

pardon the churn

On a kick of moving the posts from the old PFRK blog to here. Filling in the history a bit. Unfortunately, it is a manual process, ’cause I was using one of the world’s most obscure pieces of blogging software. So, there is still a long way to go. Some of the categories are fully populated: Culture, Good and Bad Eating, Music, but now I’m switching to dates, and I’m still filling in November of 2004 and I’m getting bored.