the bio

I’m really bad at writing my bio. This doesn’t come up often enough that I have a canned text, but it does come up more often these days. I tend to write my biography to suit the occasion, but I was checking out my friend Kevin’s website and I really liked what he did with his bio.

It’s a bit tough, I’m too mid-western to want to toot my own horn, but too much of an ego-maniac to not think that people don’t care.

I thought that this site had some good suggestions. I’d like more if anyone has them.

speaking of resumes

I talk about resumes a lot. That is because I see many of them. A zillion years ago, when I first had to write a resume, all I had was a crummy pamphlet from the career center that was completely unhelpful. So, I like to help out when I can so that I don’t have to look at lame resumes.

I thought that this article was actually pretty decent on the subject of spiffing up your resumes’ design. Although, if you aren’t French, I would avoid calling it a résumé.

Give your résumé a face lift (LifeClever)

P.S. unless you are from Europe, don’t call your resume a Curriculum Vitae either, that comes off really twee.
P.P.S. ignore the résumé and c.v. rules if you are actually applying for a job in Europe.

I just read 200 undergrad and graduate student resumes

My eyes are killing me.

Why the heck are you cramming so much unimportant information onto your single-sided single-page resume? You make it completely unreadable! Especially when someone (like a hiring manager) is trying to scan through hundreds of scanned pages.

Also, a new tip. Your paper resume will be scanned. It will be OCR’d. If you use tiny text on a background that provides low contrast with your text, no one will call you. EVER.

I found myself starting at the top of the page and letting my eye fall naturally down it. If I couldn’t get enough information to decide if I wanted to actually read it quickly, I just skipped to the next one.

It turns out that a good and specific objective statement is worth more than I ever gave it credit for. It was how I could tell a computer graphics grad student from a business undergrad.

Another question: why do you think anyone cares what high school you went to?

It’s great that you were a summer camp counselor, if I’m hiring a summer camp counselor. But I’m not, and it is just crowding your already crowded resume. Leave it off.

What, you are studying Human/Computer interaction, and you produced a resume that I need an electron microscope to dis cipher?


So, if you found me because you just got e-mail from me to talk about an internship, congratulations! Your resume is legible and clear, or your name begins with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet before my eyes started to glaze over.

Tips for Talks from Rands

I’ve been giving a lot of talks over the last few years, and I’m starting to get better at it. Rands does a great how to on creating a good presentation.

Rands In Repose: Out Loud

I would add one suggestion: go watch presentations from Lawrence Lessig, Al Gore and Scott McCloud. All were really great speakers, some of the best presentations I’ve seen in the slide-deck-style. Another tip: use as few words on slides as you can. The more words you have the less people listen to you and the more they read the screen. I’m working my way towards the zero words talk. I was pretty close in my last one, maybe by my next one…

I’ve got a flickr page

I avoided it for years, but I finally created one. However, given my past of having my photos stolen off my website, I’m not too keen on having the photos public. So, all but 1 are only visible to friends & family. If either of those describes you, contact me through flickr.

Moxy’s Pirate TV show…

YahooTV beta has my one and only screen credit! Of course, I’m listed as animator instead of R&D, but it’s nice that somewhere somehow my name is in a database as having worked on that show.

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