Hey business traveller!

The next time you spend the entire flight standing in the fucking aisle next to me having an impromptu business meeting with three of your colleagues spread over multiple rows, surrounded by other folk, I’m going to record your entire conversation and then transcribe it so that your competitors can get every piece of information. I mean I now know your entire strategy of getting Boeing to buy your crappy parts. Real genius move talking about that loudly on a flight between Seattle and Chicago. No chance some salesmen from some other parts company might be on that flight.

This also goes for you people who have loud personal conversations on their cellphones next to me when I am stuck waiting for people to deplane so I can get away from you.

What does this say about us as Americans? That we are so egotistic and self-centered that we either don’t notice the other people around us or that we just don’t care because the other people around us are just ants? I used to ask politely for people to not shout their personal details or business plans into my ears, but mostly I would get a impolite response amounting to a “I don’t care if I’m annoying you, that is your problem, not mine.”

Well, from now on: I won’t get mad, I’ll get even.

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