I’ve been avoiding posting

It might sound kind of stupid, but I wanted to leave my post about Ray as sort of a tribute and not distract from it by posting about anything else for a while. Reading back on that post, I can see that it was too self-centered. The only attempt at an excuse that I can offer was that I really was completely knocked for a loop by what happened and was trying to make sense of it for myself. Although, I’m not sure why I chose to do that in public.

This is what I should have said:

Ray was great. She was funny, and she loved to laugh. I saw her go through every emotion over the years and through some really tough times, but she was always a joy to be around, and she was an amazing singer.

Whenever I needed a singer for some project, she was at the top of my list. Not just because of her voice, but also because she was fun to work with.

I didn’t know her as a mother, but I can imagine that she was amazing. She was tremendously compassionate and caring.

Since it happened, I’ve heard from many of her friends in Portland or her old friends that she never lost touch with. It is clear that over the years, she never lost those wonderful elements of her personality that we in Seattle got to know and love.

The earth will be less for her not being here.

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One thought on “I’ve been avoiding posting”

  1. I just now heard about Rays death and I am so very sad. All the news stories are surreal to me.
    I too am another Seattle musician who worked and co wrote with her . She was one in a million and will be missed very much. I can’t believe the circumstances around her death. I was in and out of touch with Ray (like most people who knew her)
    but we emailed up untill august and she never said a word about being sick. But then , i guess she wouldn’t. I can see Ray choosing to end her life on her own terms, but taking her daughter with her?
    no way. No fucking way!
    I’m confused,sad and i don’t understand what the fuck just happened. I am sorry if I’ve offended anyone. I’m just really sad, and angry.
    and i miss my friend.

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