LuRay Hodder Kuca: Rest In Peace – 1968-2007

Portland family of three dead in apparent murder-suicide – Breaking News Updates

This kicks me in the teeth. I heard about it when the Oregonian called to get my thoughts and, at first, I thought they must have the wrong Ray. I couldn’t believe it. I played with her for years in Vassily and The Fellini Outtakes. She was on the first Intonarumori record. I lost touch with her after she left Seattle. I didn’t know she got married. I didn’t know she had a child. I didn’t know that she moved back to the northwest.

This is all manner of fucked up.

If there is a memorial service for them please contact me here. There are a lot of friends and former band mates in Seattle that would want to be there.

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10 Replies to “LuRay Hodder Kuca: Rest In Peace – 1968-2007”

  1. R.I.P. John, Luray, and Ruby.

    I have really thought about this and it keeps running through my mind that if Luray chose not to further treatments, then maybe she was aware of what was going on. There are sides to people that we never know about. We don’t know what went on behind their doors.

  2. Ray did not choose to not have further treatment. That was untrue. I was with her that night and she was going to the dr. the following week to see what she could do. She had not decided that she didn’t want treatment.

  3. Ray did not deny treatment. In fact she had a dr’s appt the next week. There are many facts that point to Ray not having anything to do with this.

  4. Ray did not decide to end further treatment. This is untrue. She was not suicidal and was making plans for her family.

  5. Ray did not decide to discontinue treatment as it has been reported. Ray was making plans for her life and what she had left of it on Thursday night 4 hours before she died. She was not suicidal. And most importantly she never would have wanted this for Ruby. She was making plans for Ruby’s future in case something happened to John.

  6. You idiots who think you have it all figured out. The legal info that you all claim to know is not even available to family at this time. And will not be released to anyone but immediate family. Shame on you for trying to be a big part in this.

  7. I don’t know how or if my comments from 9/16 can be removed from this blog but if they can I would like for them to be removed. I regret if I have contributed to any additional pain for the members of the Kuca or Moran families. I did not realize when I made the statement above that it would be published and so easily found by others. It was reckless of me to make such a public and unsubstantiated statement. Regardless of my personal beliefs about this horrible situation, it was never my intention to contribute to the difficulty. I sincerely apologize. Thanks.

  8. I am dumbstruck.

    I just found out.

    I was literaly trimming my tree – a song came on the reminded me of Luray (from about 20 years ago) and I searched her name and in 3 mintues I learned what I had never wanted to know.

    I knew Meg(hello) and Luray and Liz in HS.

    I always tended the fondest memories of our times together….and although this is too much for me to understand or accept right this sec – I want to send out Love and understanding and thanks to everyone that knew her – in hopes that they can recall the loving, unique and positive person she was….she was a shinning brightspot in my young life – and I for one will alwas remeber her this way….everytime I hear george winstons Thanksgiving.

    Namaste. Joe V

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