Is Microsoft trying to game the WSJ and do some slight of hand with its Zune numbers?

Why Microsoft’s Zune is Still Failing — RoughlyDrafted Magazine

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The recent WSJ electronics buying poll got even better after this article appeared. In one of the most extraordinary developments in the history of retailing the zune managed to zoom at the last minute from 0% to 24%. More than 144,000 enthusiastic Zune givers magically appeared in less than 24 hours.

The above is a pretty interesting read. It seems like it isn’t 100% true, but no one has been arguing the radical surge in popularity of the Zune in a WSJ poll, nor is anyone challenging the numbers that Microsoft seems to be fudging to make the Zune look more popular than it actually is. If it is true, it is actually kind of sad, because I’ve heard that the new Zunes don’t suck as much as the old ones, but pulling this kind of stuff is going to seriously make people mistrust the Soft.

Microsoft should haven’t learned better by now, every time they try to pull one of these PR slights of hand, they get caught and look like idiots.

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