Wow, does the MyBook suck

So, I was at Costco and they had the Western Digital My Book Home Edition 1TB drives for $299.99. I snapped one up, $.30/Gb! What a deal! Then I plugged it in to my computer and… nothing. The drive didn’t power up. I tried different outlets, different cables, every combination. The drive was DOA. I should have looked it up on the web, but for some reason I was stupid, and I just brought it back. When I was returning it, I asked if they had many returns. “No, none.” So, I decided that it was just very bad luck and I got another two (I now actually need another 1TB and a backup as well).

I brought the replacement and the spare home. I opened one and it powered up (now that I know that the first drive never even powered up). However, this one refused to mount. Firewire or USB. Their cables or mine. Now, I actually checked the web and found out that the 1TB Home edition is particularly crap. So, I had to return both of these as well.

I’ve had several MyBook drives and haven’t had too many problems, except for one that had it’s firewire port crap out after several months.

I’m never buying another.

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  1. The other surprising thing about the MyBook is its sheer size. Way too big.

    I’m still holding out for the redundant array of iPod shuffles.

  2. The single disk ones weren’t so bad size-wise, but the two drive ones (like the 1TB Pro version) were definitely huge, heavy and loud. Not a problem for backup, but no way I’d leave one of those connected to my machine all the time.

  3. I haven’t tried a MyBook, but I have had the WORST luck with LaCie drives. I recently picked up a Drobo, and while I thought I was paying a lot for a storage system, I have since upgraded capacity twice and I have more than paid off the initial premium.

    Been great, bummer it’s just USB, but it has been working like a champ for me so far (crosses fingers).

    – Eddie

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