Just realized

that this blog is almost 12 years old now. I started it during the election season where George Bush was re-elected. It let me get out my frustration around the shambles that I felt the US was descending into. Since Barack Obama was elected, I haven’t felt much need to be publicly political. These days, I have some very strong opinions about what is going on in US politics, but I feel others are doing a better job with the facts and rants. I’ve been more focused on where I think I can provide a more unique voice.

Some of those old posts are bit embarrassing to me now. Like reading the poetry you wrote for class in High School or College. I’ve thought about purging them or separating the blog into multiple ones for photography and discussions of leadership and management (which is what I mostly post on today). I think that past has it’s value though, so for now it stays.

I wonder what I’ll think about today’s posts 12 years from now…

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