The Bush Administration doesn’t want to hear dissent

In a healthy Democracy, all voices are heard. In a dictatorship or fascist regime all measures are taken to move those who do not agree to the margins to minimize their influence and maximize the impact of the thought control emanated from the leaders. Once the campaign was over, Bush was supposed to be everybody’s president. By tightly controlling their events so that only the approved loyalists can attend, Bush is telling the 49% that didn’t vote for him or the 70+% that don’t approve of him, “I don’t care what you think.” What if instead of surrounding himself by toadying yes-men, he instead had a debate with the hecklers and showed his depth of understanding on the issues? That’d be amazing if he had any understanding of the issues. Well, maybe the next president.

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters –

Among other things, any event must be open only to those with tickets tightly controlled by organizers. Those entering must be screened in case they are hiding secret signs. Any anti-Bush demonstrators who manage to get in anyway should be shouted down by “rally squads” stationed in strategic locations. And if that does not work, they should be thrown out.

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