iTunes 7.0.1 is the buggiest piece of software I have ever used

and I worked at a Unix company in the days before testers, so that is saying something.

Usually, I take my time installing a major update. I waited until the 7.0.1 patch came out to iTunes which supposedly fixed most of the issues and for me, at first, it worked fine. What I’m finding, after a few weeks, is that it is becoming increasingly unstable. Like can’t run more than 10 minutes without crashing, as in, completely useless. As in, how fucking long do I have to wait for Apple to fix this P.O.S. now that they’ve captured my music collection? At least I wasn’t stupid enough to encode in a proprietary format so the biggest problem would be figuring out how to move my meta-data to some other music application (I love my metadata, hear that Steve Gillmor?)

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