iTunes 6

a humble review

I’ve been a happy iTunes user for years now. When iTunes 4.9 came out, I ditched iPodderX because even though iTunes wasn’t as powerful, it was nicely integrated. Then iTunes 5 came out with the Nano and it looked ugly and didn’t have anything of interest to me, plus there were lots of reports of bugs. So I decided to wait. Now iTunes 6 is out and I decided that the folders were worth upgrading for. And they are, mostly.

I don’t know why they decided to make their interface uglier, but they did. They didn’t make it less (or more) useful, they just made it less pleasant and I’m not sure why.

The folders for your playlists are nice, but it would be nicer if you could drag multiple playlists at once into them. It took forever to organize my playlists dragging them one at a time into folders.

The video tab is ok. I like it better than having my video in the middle of my music collection (oh wait, it still is).

I actually like having my podcasts in my iTunes library, that is the way we did it in the old days kids and it let us do nice organization of them and actually have them play after one another instead of jumping back to the main menu. With the podcasts in the main library though you really want some of the iPodderX features like playlist generation for podcasts and being able to override the genres on download.

So, am I happy that I switched to iTunes 6, not especially. Maybe eventually. If you’re on iTunes 4.9 and you don’t plan on buying video soon, I’d wait.

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