If you are given a choice between brunch here and a 7-11, you are better off at the 7-11

University Village is an upscale shopping mall near the University of Washington with a variety of restaurants. This weekend, when we found that all the places we normally would eat had long lines because of some UW parents day or something we ended up deciding to try out the Ram. A sports bar now offering brunch during the weekends. After the 35th St Bistro debacle on Friday night we should have picked up on the warning signs immediately. While other restaurants nearby had a minimum of a half an hour wait, there were plenty of open tables in this place. It has a sort of TGI Fridays ambience which I don’t really have a problem with. We knew that we weren’t going to be eating fancy, we were hoping for a standard American breakfast of some eggs or something. It is very hard to screw up eggs. It is even harder to screw up salmon in Seattle. The cheapest salmon you can buy here will be fresher than anything you’d find in the midwest. Imagine our surprise then when my eggs over easy were not just runny, but were actually completely liquid, Nicole’s salmon omelette tasted more like salmonella. Our waitresses had three tables in the room and yet I had to get up and find someone to get more coffee after the empty cup sat at the end of the table for 10 minutes. Likewise we had to track someone down to get silverware when we still hadn’t received any, several minutes after getting our food. This wasn’t a $5 breakfast place either, this is $15/person. After salvaging what we could from the toast and potatoes we gave up, paid, and went to the grocery store to get some fruit.

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