this “neighborhood place” loved by “all” is to be avoided at all costs

When this new high-end-aspiring spot took over Seattle’s favorite Hippie cafe it was hailed as another sign on the accelerating gentrification of beloved Fremont. I wasn’t going to hold that against it, because from the outside it looked like it had some serious potential. I hadn’t read any of the reviews before entering, I wish I had. Most of the reviews on the sites I’ve found have said that the service wasn’t very good but that the food and ambience was excellent. I was a bit surprised when we entered at 8pm on a Friday night that we were seated immediately. We sat, read our menus, put our menus down, sat some more, talked, sat some more. We sat a good 15 minutes before being offered water or bread. We waited another 5 minutes before our drink order was taken and then another few minutes before our actual food order was taken. We were now starving so we ordered an appetizer which then took over 20 minutes to arrive. It burned our tongues when we tried it (there was no warning from our waitress), when we did get our taste buds back we found it to be extremely bland. We were so hungry though that we finished it and proceeded to wait and wait for our main courses. All during this time the noise level in the room increased to the point where we had to shout at our small table to hear each other. This is a small room with maybe 20 tables so that is saying something. Also, every time someone would walk past our table (which was very often), the loose floor boards would vibrate our silverware around the table. Finally, we gave up and vowed never to return. It is a pity because I really wanted to like this place, but I won’t be back there for a VERY long time.

By kevin

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