Is Microsoft trying to rewrite history?

Bill Gates’ CES Keynote webcast has been following a very interesting path…
I didn’t go to CES, but I wanted to see Bill Gates’ keynote. Microsoft was nice enough to host a webcast on their site. Before the event, they even had it set up to put a reminder in your outlook calendar. The time came, I went to the page and nothing. I refreshed over and over waiting for the link to appear and finally gave up 15 minutes after he started. I figured that they would post it later anyway. Looks like I missed some good fun with blue screens of death. Yesterday, I went back to the site hoping to watch it then and was promised that it would be appearing later in the day. Around 7:30 pm, it was promised to be posted shortly, but still nothing. Well today they are now promising to post “highlights.” I wonder which segments will have been edited out :)? It is definitely a lame move by Microsoft. Everyone knows that there were problems, why not cop to it and show how well Bill re-acted under pressure? I guess we’ll never know and I now I’m going to have to track down someone else’s pirate video or something.

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