Happy Chanukah!

It’s that time of year, the time for sorting through piles of red and green crap to get to the two blue and white things on the bottom of the pile.

It’s tough to be a Jew in December. It’s got to be a lot tougher if you celebrate Kwanzaa or don’t celebrate during this time of the season at all. There is some American assumption that everyone celebrates Christmas. If you don’t, you are some kind of outcast. Try looking for a Menorah this time of year, if you live in an area with a decent sized Jewish population (ie: a major city), you’ll have a few choices. You’ll have a lot easier time buying poinsettias or other less popular xmas crap. Chanukah is a fairly minor holiday, but it is the only one that non-Jews have ever heard of. It is just messed up.

I have a lot more to say about this, but I gotta get home to light the candles! This time of year I get especially grouchy about this subject, so I’ll probably end up posting about this again.

Happy Chanukah to everyone who celebrates it, an early happy Kwanzaa, Greek Orthodox Christmas and winter solstice to the rest of y’all!

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