Nice post on the state of the world for indie musicians…

I Can’t Believe It’s Getting Better? by Benn Jordan

He’s got a couple of his Spotify facts incorrect (the company is closer to 8 years old than 5), but he some good points and an interesting perspective. Also, I like his snark.

Really Thom? You’ve created a legal, royalty paying library of music that will allow me to literally listen to whatever artist I can think of, whenever and wherever I desire to? Because that’s the one thing we, the people, the pirates, the innovators, could not do in the last 7 years when we had all the technology in our hands to do it. Our alternative to piracy has been listening to music encoded as Youtube videos, which is so hilariously ass-backwards that I still can’t wrap my head around it.

and he has a joke that I can’t believe I haven’t heard before

“-How can you hire a musician to come to your house on a Saturday night?
-Order pizza.”