Having problems with the Adobe Connect add-in on OS X? Here is how to uninstall it.

I’m posting this here because it took me more than 20 minutes of googling to find the answer (and I’m an Adobe employee).

The Adobe Connect uses Flash and sometimes if you do an update to Flash on your system, Connect gets into a bad state. The way you’ll see this is that when the Add-in tries to launch it will get stuck with a small window that says “Loading Adobe Connect…” that never finishes.

The way to fix this problem is to uninstall Adobe Connect. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t make it easy for you to do that. there is no uninstaller and no information on the Adobe web site. Here is where the add-in is installed

~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/www.macromedia.com/bin/connectaddin

Delete that directory and you have now uninstalled the add-in. Your connect sessions will now be hosted in your web browser until the next time you need add-in functionality, at which time you’ll be prompted to re-install it.

Hopefully this solves your problem and you found it faster than I did.

(tip of the hat to Aral Balkin who had to do this a few years ago too)

8 thoughts on “Having problems with the Adobe Connect add-in on OS X? Here is how to uninstall it.”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this….I despise the fact that Adobe doesn’t give us an uninstaller for Mac.

  2. thanks, i followed the instructions to uninstall the add-in, but how do i actually get the adobe connect screen sharing to work?

    every time I try to share my screen, the add-in installation prompt comes up again. even if i try to install it repeatedly, uninstall it and install it manually by downloading the file from adobe’s site and manually place it on the mac / pc. how do I get this to work?

    ps. nice blog name

  3. Grace,

    thanks, for the reply. I’m not sure. I know that there were new problems with the connect add-in since I posted this, but I don’t know enough about it to help you. This was just how I got it to work a year and a half ago.

  4. I have had this same problem and in Windows 8 if you go to the control panel and search for the Flash Player>Double Click>Select Advanced tab> and then Delete the Browsing Data and Setting it usually fixes the issue. Occasionally I will also need to clear my browser cache.

    I would never use this software if it wasn’t mandated for my job because I never had these issues with Microsoft Live Meeting and only occasionally had issue with WebEx.

  5. Just uninstalled the Adobe Connect add-in for OSX because the instructions for getting screen sharing to work call for going to Security & Privacy setting and allowing Adobe Connect to run continuously in “unsafe” mode. Not a chance, Mate. Adobe will have to do better than that.

  6. Still not working for me… :/ Somehow in the library folder this “Macromedia” folder doesn’t exist, neither Flash Player. Weird…

  7. @JP, this post is five years old, so not totally surprised that it wouldn’t work the same anymore with the most up-to-date versions fof the software. Would suggest that you post on the Adobe forums.

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