Cross-posted from my old Adobe blog.

I just approved and then changed my mind and un-approved a comment. The comment was a fair, if somewhat harsh, criticism of the Pixel Bender Toolkit. I originally decided to approve it because it was one person’s opinion and a response to something I wrote, and I don’t mind answering criticisms (even when they are worded less-than-delicately). However, I changed my mind because the writer decided not to include a valid name or e-mail to respond to.

So, that will be a rule I’m going to hold on to moving forward. If you want to post your honest opinion to something I write, I will always try to honor you and will post it; and respond. As long as your comments are:

  • honest
  • not advertising
  • not overt flame-bait
  • do not swear
  • are signed with your real name (or handle) AND e-mail address (which is not published, but lets me know that you are willing to put your name to something)

Hopefully, this should not strike anyone as draconian.

JJ, if you want to re-post with your real name and e-mail address, I will gladly approve your comment.

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