Yow! Who is in charge of the Republican presidential campaign?

Choosing Sarah Palin seemed like a serious hail mary play when it was first announced. An attempt to out-history-make the democrats. Choosing the Alaskan govenor gains John McCain nothing in the regionally-balancing-the-ticket game. She is so incredibly right-wing that she makes him seem like a socialist. Maybe the idea is that she could bring the evangelicals and super conservatives back to the table. Especially since the chances aren’t small that she would end up finishing his first term if she won. However, she is so radically right that there is a big chance that she’ll scare away any of the moderates that might have voted for McCain. At least any of the moderates that bothered to read a newspaper.

Now it seems like this was a real hail mary play since it looks like no one bothered to vett their VP choice. She fundamentally disagrees with most of McCain’s positions on the environment, abortion and Iraq. She is in the midst of an ethics scandal, troopergate. It looks like she may have lied about her fifth child, that it was actually her daughters’. Even if she didn’t lie, she showed some serious lack of judgment in how she handled the birth. Then there is Dairygate.

All this is just in the first few days after the announcement. Sarah Palin has spent a tiny amount of time in government, but it looks like she is out-scandaling the pros already.

I’d love to gloat over this and laugh about how the republican’s are prepping for an electoral loss that will make Dukakis look like George Washington, but we all know that the democrats can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory like nobody’s business. Lets just hope that the American people see through the right wing propaganda this time.

Although if they still think off-shore drilling is going to lower the price of gas anytime soon, I doubt it.

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