Microsoft, don’t F*ck with my computer without my permission

Just got my first auto-reboot-update. I knew this was possible. A friend of mine worked on the team that decided to implement this at MSFT. However, this is the first time that MS decided that it knew what was right for me and rebooted my machine automatically. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AUTOMATION RUN, CAUSING A HUGE FAIL. MS chose to do this because not enough people actually use windows update to guard against viruses. So rather than, you know, improving Windows to get rid of the security holes or making Windows Update better, MS decided instead to cram their updates down your throat, which is fine, in theory. That is until they f*ck up an update an it screws up millions of machines. Then it will be happy lawsuit time.

Anyway, if you don’t want MS deciding when it is time to reboot your machine, here is how to turn it off:

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