arctic ice shrinks, countries react short-sightedly

So, this summer, the arctic ice has retreated farther than usual, a strong signal of global warming and possible problems for the future. And the world’s response? Well, start to argue over who gets jurisdiction over the newly exposed resources, of course.

Analysts See ‘Simply Incredible’ Shrinking of Floating Ice in the Arctic – New York Times

The area of floating ice in the Arctic has shrunk more this summer than in any other summer since satellite tracking began in 1979.

The progressive summertime opening of the Arctic has intensified a longstanding international tug of war over shipping routes and possible oil and gas deposits beneath the Arctic Ocean seabed.

Last week, Russians planted a flag on the seabed at the North Pole. On Wednesday, Stephen Harper, the Canadian prime minister, began a tour of Canada’s Arctic holdings, pledging “to vigorously protect our Arctic sovereignty as international interest in the region increases.”

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