talk about burning bridges

[via Mary Jo Foley]

David Bennet, a dev on the Vista Parental Controls team is leaving Microsoft and he decided to take some pot shots on the way out.

“I just accepted a position to work at Google up in Kirkland, so still in Seattle. I will be starting there on the 30th of April, so not long now. My first week will be down in Mountain View doing a orientation thingy. So those people down in San Francisco, be nice to meet up again.

“I think this will be a good change and a fun job, I was a little peeved without how Microsoft dealt with the team I was on, I did the parental controls feature of vista which has got some of the best airplay/talk about of any of the features associated with vista. In response Microsoft reorged us first into a group that hated us and then into a group that had nothing to do with Parental Controls and broke the whole team up. I liked working with the old group of people and I liked the feature, I don’t like where I am now or the product I am working on.

“Hopefully I will end up working on the Google TV product, which would be fun.”

You gotta be pretty pissed off to post that in a public forum. It looks like he removed the post from his blog after it got noticed, and it looks like he posted yesterday, so I guess he hasn’t been fired. yet.

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