The Lefsetz Letter and Nine Inch Nails

Lefsetz Letter

This guy writes a music industry analysis newsletter. Unfortunately, he writes like I would have when I was in high school. The dude looks to be about 50, so why is he writing about jocks and cheerleaders?

He is some of his penetrating analysis:

Should Jay-Z make another album? Not unless he’s into it for the music.

or from his “analysis” of the new NIN

Think of all the money Trent is leaving on the table. All those kids who’d like to play!

FUCK ‘EM! Who needs them as fans! The cheerleaders and football players more interested in their social status at the high school than with what goes on inside.

Jeezus, what a jackass. Trent Reznor hasn’t left a dime on the table. He ceased to be “underground” the minute his first video appeared on MTV in the early 90’s (or was it earlier). That doesn’t diminish the quality of his output, but the guy has been touring stadiums for over a decade, he’s no secret and he isn’t pretending to be. He’s a business man and his “viral” marketing campaign is just that, A MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

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