the frustration of zencart

I don’t know that much about zencart. I’m still playing around with it. I’m trying it out so that I don’t have to rewrite the old ASP-based Unit Circle store in php from scratch.

Compared to something like WordPress, it is incredibly clunky and difficult to configure. There are a zillion different things to set up and they are in a million different places. I understand that it is doing a lot more, but the usability on this thing is pretty bad. The other thing is that the default template is incredibly ugly. Which should be no big deal, right?

Like WordPress, there are a lot of people using it. So the zencart site has a bunch of different templates, but there are no preview images. There are a zillion other zencart template sites, but all of them are trying to sell you the same dozen templates for around the same price (I like how 10 sites are offering to sell you the exact same template, but how each will offer the template as “exclusive” to your site).

I mean, I will create my own eventually, but it’d be nice to not be forced to from day one.

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