Bush keeps Democrats in his sights

This commentary is right on, but I think that it is missing one obvious reason why after proclaiming his desire to work with the democrats and claiming that he hears the will of the people after the Blue Wave election of 2006, he is pushing scarily conservative nominations and agenda items gaurenteed to piss off Democrats: payback. Payback, not just for himself, but for the ousted Republican congressmen as well. Many of these far-right goals were aborted by the previous Republican congress, who would have to run against their decisions. Maybe, Bush thinks that these lame ducks can vote their conscience and will do any wacko thing he asks them too. Hopefully, this isn’t the case or at least the Democrats will be able to delay these until January. Otherwise, he is just creating a deeper pit that we’ll be climbing out of for the next two years.

By kevin

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