Caught with his hand in the civil rights cookie jar AGAIN

Is anyone even surprised anymore?

I mean, who didn’t expect another spying scandal given this administration’s record on respecting civil rights? Hey, guess what? I have a prediction with a pretty high degree of accuracy. This won’t be the last one of these. The administration is probably monitor our health records now too under the guise of “looking for terrorists.”

We already know that the government is mining library records, bank records (foreign and domestic), phone call logs (domestic), internet traffic (foreign and domestic) and tapping calls (foreign and domestic). They denied most of them at first and they have tried to minimize all of them.

The problem is that the American people are ignoring this. It is time to wake up. This administration has proved time and again that it will outright lie to the American people. Big Brother is now more than ever and we need to do something about it this fall.

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