George Bush Mea Culpa

too little too late

George Bush’s comments at the news conference with Tony Blair sounded pensive and genuinely apologetic. Unfortunately, after so many years of shoot-from-the-hip-swagger, they also come off a bit fake and rehearsed. The first time the George Bush was asked “what mistakes has he made?” he could think of nothing. That caused a (completely appropriate) uproar. He’s had a bunch of time to prepare a better answer and he had one ready when the reporter asked him on Thursday. I would have loved to have heard that answer when he was talking off the top of his head. It definitely would have made me actually like the guy a bit better. Hearing it the second time around, it just makes him sound like he’s reaching for any straw that bring his approval rating back up.

Now lets see what he says the next time he is asked what his favorite moment of his presidency was.

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