The failure of the Bush administration

what will damn the Bush administration in the history books

This week the numbers revealed that one of George Bush’s main policy initiatives, The No Child Left Behind Act, was making school performance worse, not better. Add to this his fiscal policy which has resulted in causing a debt that will take decades to repay and one thing becomes clear: The worst thing that happened to the Republican party and George Bush’s presidency was his re-election. Bush has been in office long enough that his many failures have become obvious even to the die-hards of the Republican party. Who can the Republican’s blame? They control 2 of the three branches of government and are finishing their takeover of the third. The stupidest of the non-Haliburton executive officers can see that the country is in much worse shape that it was in 2000. You can only blame the terrorists for so long before people start asking why we haven’t caught Osama.

Nope, the one thing that would have saved the Republican party was a John Kerry election, because then they could have come out swinging in 2006 and 2008 blaming all of George Bush’s failures on him.

You know that they will put the blame on someone else, the question now is who? Will the 2008 elections still be about 9/11? Or will they be about Syria? Maybe if the dems take back the house in 2006, the Republicans can blame them so that they can get another Republican president in…

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