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West Wing Geek Test: College Kids

Music Geek Test: They’re Canadian! Proudly Canadian! From Toronto Canadian! They’re standing right behind Allison Janey on the stage when she says it. Don’t you think one of them might have said something to the producer or writers? I don’t even own any of their albums and I knew that!

I started wondering if I’d misheard Allison Janey on the show and close captioning hadn’t helped when I watched it. So I did a little web search and found no one else complaining about this. Maybe I did mis-hear it, or am I the first person in the world to have noticed this? I really doubt it. I would imagine some Barenaked Ladies fan site would have freaked out about this. I’m sure I’ll hear from some BNL (as the kids call it) freak who’ll put me right if it was my hearing that was wrong and not the writers of the WW (as the kids may call it, I’m to lazy to see).

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