Tivo saves television

My second technological revelation today

For one reason or another I’ve avoided getting a DVR. First it was the expense, and then it was the hassle of stringing the phone cord across my den. Then there was the politics of the Tivo company adding new advertisements while you were skipping over the others or supporting the broadcast flag or not developing the Tivo desktop for mac… I decided to go with an alternative. I was going to build a media PC around a Mac Mini, but that was an expensive proposition. Don’t even talk to me about Microsoft’s Media PCs.

Finally, I just broke down and bought the Tivo and now it is all much clearer. The beauty of Tivo isn’t time shifting or skipping over adds. The beauty of Tivo is that I no longer watch crappy TV anymore. I no longer flip around looking for something decent to watch when I am in the mood to watch TV. The side-effect of this is that I’m actually watching less TV, I think. When I’ve watched everything saved up on the Tivo, I’m not really willing to waste time looking for something else to watch. I’d rather just pop in a movie or read a book or something. This is the benefit I never understood or heard expressed this way…

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