Gnomedex 5.0 Afternoon first day

fucking Microsoft

Microsoft did a very funny ad-skit for their hive blog crap. While it was quite funny, I’m already getting tired of Microsoft and their kind of viral marketing stuff would work a lot better at PDC then here. We’re constantly bombarded by Microsoft logos all day long and now having an informercial between sessions is too much. It is great that MS is sponsoring the conference, but you know we, the participants, contributed a lot of cash ourselves.

The future syndication session very quickly turned into a bitch session about the lack of OPML synchronization tools. A reasonable topic of discussion, but the original one would have been more interesting to me.

I’m glad that my badge doesn’t have my job on it, but my blog. No one has heard of my blog so that gets me out of a lot of annoying conversations, but it makes it a bit harder for me to get the attention of some of the starfuckers I actually do want to talk to.

I thought Phil Terrone was cool before, I think he is cooler now.

having a conference about rss and blogs with crappy intermittent web access is sucky. That isn’t gnomedex’s fault and they are trying to fix it, but it is still kinda lame.

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