This talking point is so weird given how patently wrong it is. I’ve got a nice visible way to show that you don’t buy the bs.

I was flipping through the Sunday morning political shows yesterday and caught the TV preachers in between and I noticed that I was still hearing about how Bush now has a “mandate” to do whatever the hell he wants. This is the craziest thing I ever heard. Bush won with 51% of the vote (assuming that you buy the official numbers). In what universe does 51% signify a mandate? It signifies a deeply divided country where this man barely squeaked by and they have a nerve to declare a mandate. Well, I don’t buy it and if you are reading this you probably don’t either. So I’ve made some little web buttons that you can put on your pages to show that you don’t agree. They are below. Link ’em to me or link ’em to whatever liberal website you like. Lets make our feelings visible.

51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate

By kevin

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