more on this fake Chistmas controversy

Liberals like Christmas too, at least most of us

The problem isn’t that people celebrate Christmas, actually, most liberals do to. What many people, including me, object to is that Christians demand that Christmas be celebrated and that all other holidays are excluded. It isn’t that liberals hate Christmas, its that Christians hate Chanukah and Kwanza and Eastern Orthodox Christmas and basically anything that they don’t celebrate. You wanna sing Christmas songs in school, excellent. Whoop de doo, just please don’t force the non-Christian children to sing about how great Christ was. There are about a zillion non-religious Christmas songs. How about singing them instead? How about tossing in “Dredyl, Dredyl, Dredyl” while you are at and maybe just some nice winter songs? What scares me is that the Christian right isn’t just demanding that they be allowed to celebrate their holiday in a government sponsored setting against all measures of Church/State issues that our country was founded upon. It is that the right considers anything that isn’t Christian to be evil and demands that their children aren’t exposed to it. Remember that flap about the southern university giving the Koran as reading in their comparative religion class?

This country was founded upon the belief that all people should be allowed to worship as they please without government intervention or backlash. You wanna dance with snakes or play loud gospel music in your church, go for it. More power to you. Just don’t force me to do it if I don’t want to. It is in the freaking bible: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Right now, the religious right is doing a lot unto me that I don’t think they’d be happy me doing onto them.

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