Moby’s thoughts and Cascadia

I like most of what Moby’s been saying. I’m thinking about secession.

My friend Heather pointed me over to Moby’s Website. His journal articles are doing a good job explaining how a lot of us feel. (I’m more pissed off than him, but thats ok). I’ve been thinking about secession a lot. There is that book, Cascadia, that I read a few years ago. It’s about how northern California, Oregon and Washington split off from the US and form their own country. It was written in the 60s, the new country of Cascadia is like one large Burning Man Festival except without the frat boys and with more free love. The hippy parts didn’t make too fond of it, but I’m thinking more and more how that might not be a bad idea.

Take California from San Jose northward, Oregon and the western half of Washington and you’ve got a pretty awesome country with abundant natural resources, a thriving tech economy, agriculture, manufacturing, ports and tourism. I think I’d be much happier in Cascadia, and I think those Southern states would be happier without us “freaks” making them have to go vote every four years to make sure they get another good ‘ol boy in the white house. Plus, we wouldn’t have to be supporting their asses with our taxes while getting so little back from D.C.

Anyone with me?

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