Wow am I pissed off

What the hell happened? What is wrong with this country?

My fellow Americans, at least 51% of you are idiots. I can’t believe you people. You’ve been suckered and now all of us are going to pay for your stupidity. You voted for a man who doesn’t care about you, your job, your family. You’ve voted to increase crime, increase terrorism, and make this country hated by both terrorist and free states. You voted for a man who looks you straight in the eye and lies to your face. A man who feigns faith without showing any understanding of what he claims to believe in. A man who will deny a woman’s right to choose but will willingly kill thousands and thousands of children in Iraq without compunction. You chose to vote for this evil asshole because you believed him to be moral, or Christian or a strong military leader. You’ve given him a mandate to pollute the world, invade your privacy and create a country that grows weaker not stronger as it continues to slide into chaos and poverty. You’ve voted to turn us into a third world nation with peasants working in the Wall Marts with no insurance or hope of ever living a comfortable life and corporate barons living in their luxury hill-top bunkers surrounded by walls and guards.

Welcome to the decline of a once great nation. We the people have chosen mediocrity and we will be forced to endure the spoiled fruits of our mistaken trust beyond the rule of this smug autocratic joke as his policies will ruin this country for decades to come.

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