Video of my talk “Apportioning Monoliths”

This was my talk at the conference. Listening back to it now, I am struck by how often I said “many, many.” And I cursed! I usually try not to do that. So, it’s a bit of a looser take on this presentation. Luckily the audience had beer (this was in Bavaria, after all), so all were fine with it. I had flown in from Stockholm that morning, so I might have been a bit more tired than I thought…

I was really impressed by the lineup of speakers and the content of the presentations. A really good day. The Stylight engineering and event teams did a great job.

Have a few talks scheduled this year so far

I’ve scheduled a few talks this year, including one next week in Minsk! I always list my upcoming talks on my website, so you can go there if you are interested in seeing if I am speaking near you. As always, if you are going to be there, drop me a tweet. Always want to connect with folks before or at the event.

  • Godel EventMinsk, BelarusMarch 26, 2015 – Talking with Stewart from again. He always has some awesome insights and I love what they are doing around their culture, so this should be a great evening.
  • Daho.amMunich, GermanyJune 12, 2015 – I met one of the founders of Stylight last year, great guy, great company. Really excited about speaking at their conference.
  • Spark the ChangeLondon, UKJuly 1-2, 2015 – My first talk at an actual leadership conference. Always wonderful speaking in London and this conference looks really interesting.
  • MobiconfKrakow, PolandOctober 1-2, 2015 – The website is still pointing to last year’s conference info. The organizers are really great and everything I’ve heard about last year’s conference is good.

The video of my talk from QCon Shanghai is live

Had a great time at QCon, met a ton of interesting folks, and the organizers were awesome. The video and slides are now live on their site:

There are a couple issues to be aware of. They did the slides separately, so they don’t always line up with what I’m saying. Also, since I was being simultaneously translated, I talk more slowly and pause more often than I would normally to let the translator catch up.

I think that this will be the last time I give this talk publicly, now that it is recorded fairly well, and available world-wide.

My slides from ProductTank Sthlm

I was asked to speak about how we align around the product while we maintain autonomous teams. Given that this was a talk to product people rather than engineers or coaches, I tried to keep it focused around product definition and prioritization. As usual, I don’t like to put many words in the slides, so hopefully you get the gist. There is a recording being made, so hopefully that will get posted and then I will link to it here.

Upcoming talks, Fall 2014


I’ve got some talks lined up for this fall, including my first talk in Asia!

ProductTank STHLM – Stockholm, Sweden – August 27, 2014
Nice to talk again in my home city, and super excited to be speaking to a group primarily made up of product professionals. I’m going to give a talk about how engineering and product teams can work together effectively and how we work at Spotify.

Empowering your engineering talent – London, UK – September 22, 2014
Coming back to London for a breakfast symposium on hiring and empowering engineering talent. 

QCon Shanghai – Shanghai, China – October 16-18, 2014
I’ll be one of the keynotes at the Shanghai edition of this international software development conference.

Hope to see you at one of these!

A recording of my talk from SudWeb 2014

Forgot that I had a head cold when I gave this talk, so my voice sounds a bit rough, and I start a bit slow. So sorry about that, but I’m so grateful for the high quality recording that the SudWeb team did.

Culture leads, everything else follows – Kevin Goldsmith from Sud Web on Vimeo.

Spotify Lead Engineer explains why there are no strong teams without the manifestation of shared values.
From the culture comes anything else.