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The last 3 physical copies of the first pressing of Bethany Curve’s “You Brought Us Here” are now for sale on cdbaby. We haven’t decided if we will do a second pressing, or just go digital only. So this CD will be a collector’s item.

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Alex Iskold’s tips for startups

36 Startup Tips: From Software Engineering to PR and More – ReadWriteWeb

This is a collection of startup tips covering software engineering, infrastructure, PR, conferences, legal and finance. They describe best practices for an early-stage startup. We hope that you will find these tips useful, but also please remember that they are based on subjective experiences and not all of them will be applicable to your company.

These tips are great for web startups. They are pretty useful for non-web startups as well. I’ve been through the startup mill myself a couple times and I still got some good pointers.

Adios Crocodile, I’ll miss you…

The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle unexpectedly shut down over the weekend.

Word is filtering out quietly. Even the Croc website doesn’t have any info. It seems like they ran out of cash now that Peter Buck isn’t helping to pay the bills. This is truly a sad day for Seattle Music. The Croc was a great place to play and a great place to see live music. It was one of the last of the old generation clubs still around. As Belltown has yuppified around it, it was still a beacon of the live music that put this city on the map before Starbucks and Microsoft. While there are other venues in town, there are fewer and fewer places where bands can turn their amps to 11 and their audience can be close enough to them to see the expressions on their faces.


[Update: 12/18/07]
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an article on  the Croc’s closing today.