Why don’t more Republicans dislike George Bush?

George Bush is the least fiscally sound Republican ever, why are traditional republicans still supporting him?

It came out this week that this year the US will record its largest ever deficit. This from a person who promised to balance the budget in 5 years during the campaign. This is before we factor in the expenses that he wants to run up this year, like the 1 Trillion dollars for privatizing social security. Here’s an article from the Sydney Times (via the New York Times) about the current deficit. Just to run these deficits on top of the debt we’ve been accruing since he took office, he’s had to ask congress to raise the debt ceiling 3 times! Including in November (right after the election, ‘natch) when it was raised to $8.2 trillion.

Also, what scares me is how much of our debt is owned by foreign countries, such as China. Here’s the figures from US Treasury. Now, let’s take a look at the dollars worth against other currencies over the last few years. This is really scary stuff!

When did the liberals become the fiscal conservatives? Why aren’t more of the traditional conservative think tanks coming out against this guy? He’s trampling traditional conservative values of fiscal responsibility and local control (his education programs and marriage amendment fly in the face of state’s rights). How can most American’s be ok with the wholesale destruction of our children’s future paying the debt of today. What kind of family values are those?

Condoleeza Rice Gets confirmed

and yet again Washington’s democratic senators show that they are without spines

12 dissenting votes?!? C’mon, if you know you are gonna lose at least make the statement. I’m talking to you Senators Murray and Cantwell… Hey Cantwell, 2007 isn’t so long from now, and we won’t forget. It’s easy to not back Gonzales, even the right thinks that he is bad for America.

I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton voted to confirm. She’s running so hard to the right these days she might as well switch to the Republican party. Here’s her comments on Condoleeza Rice.

What I wish Barbara Boxer had said

Barbara Boxer proves yet again that she is the only Senate Democrat with a spine

Barbara Boxer confronted Condoleeza Rice today over her conflicting statements regarding the war in Iraq. When shown her own statements, Ms. Rice said “I really hope that you will refrain from impugning my integrity.” If I were Barbara Boxer, I would have replied “I will impugn your integrity as much and as often as I wish since your integrity is very suspect as evidenced by these statements.”

Go Barbara Go! And to my own Senators, Ms. Cantwell and Ms. Murray, you should get some guts and stand up for your constituents!

The “M” Word

This talking point is so weird given how patently wrong it is. I’ve got a nice visible way to show that you don’t buy the bs.

I was flipping through the Sunday morning political shows yesterday and caught the TV preachers in between and I noticed that I was still hearing about how Bush now has a “mandate” to do whatever the hell he wants. This is the craziest thing I ever heard. Bush won with 51% of the vote (assuming that you buy the official numbers). In what universe does 51% signify a mandate? It signifies a deeply divided country where this man barely squeaked by and they have a nerve to declare a mandate. Well, I don’t buy it and if you are reading this you probably don’t either. So I’ve made some little web buttons that you can put on your pages to show that you don’t agree. They are below. Link ’em to me or link ’em to whatever liberal website you like. Lets make our feelings visible.

51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate 51% is not a mandate

Article on the portrayal of Women in Video Games

1up has a an article on Women characters in Video Games

1up’s article is ok, but it isn’t very deep. The fact that the industry is mostly populated by men and that the majority of gamers are men is the obvious reason that women in video games are unrealistic and 2 dimensional. Given the plethora of studies about how women are shown in other media I’m surprised how little I was able to find about this in google…