Sources confirm plans for a smaller, ultra-thin form factored MacBook Pro | MacScoop

Sources confirm plans for a smaller, ultra-thin form factored MacBook Pro | MacScoop

I am writing this from a 12″ PowerBook, which I dearly love. I find myself drifting more to my 17″ MBP these days, but mostly ’cause I use it for work, and that screen real estate does come in handy for coding. For sitting around surfing or reading the e-mail or doing anything on a plane, you can’t beat that sub-notebook size. I was bummed that Apple hadn’t introduced a new 12″ MBP, maybe my wish will be granted next month…

Wow, talk about a buzzkill…

A non-profit group has constructed a billboard in second life to let people know how many preventable child deaths they could have done something about while f’ing around in the non-real-world.

Second Life escapists told to wake up | The Register

In this case, I can sorta see both sides. It seems kind of trivial to be spending zillions of hours and some dollars in a role playing game when you could be fighting injustice in the real world. Yup, absolutely right. However, having an outlet from the horrors of real life is sometimes a necessity for our information-overload, news-drenched, overworking lives. I guess there is always a happy medium, isn’t there?

Rumsfeld wanted to “change the course” and “cut and run” right before he was canned.

The timeline (at least the one presented by the Seattle Times) doesn’t support it, but it could be possible that Rumsfeld issued a memo suggesting that the Iraq war was falling apart and was fired immediately. It is also possible that he got wind of unhappiness and was trying to prove that he was flexible. Either way, it was too little too late.

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Rumsfeld urged big changes in Iraq strategy

Cafe Campagne (Pike Place Market)

This isn’t directly about Cafe Campagne, I just happened to come up with this rule while leaving there with a meal half-finished.

The Rule? If you enter a low-ceilinged restaurant and you see a party of 8 or more seated (or waiting), just leave immediately.

On Friday, we sat down to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants during my favorite time of the year to eat there (Cassoulet season). We had our favorite table. Perfect for a romantic dinner. There was a group of around 10 middle aged women seated a couple tables over from us. They were well dressed and seemed nice. Soon, the volume level from that table was near airplane-engine-roar level with the occasional laugh-squeal or scream making me want to put a fork into my eye. They drew angry looks from all around the room, but the usually very attentive staff ignored the situation. I don’t think the ladies were trying to be rude. I don’t even think they understood how insanely loud they were. They were just trying to hear each other over the din of a busy restaurant with no soft items to absorb sound and low ceilings and tons of mirrors and windows which amplify it.

That kind of thing makes eating at any restaurant feel like eating in the bar at TGI Fridays.

Cafe Campagne on Urbanspoon

The way the kids talk

I heard the phrase “Peace… Out” used as a verb a couple weeks ago, as in “If I show up and they ignore me, I’ll just Peace Out, ya know.”

This was coming from a guy who must have been under 25, and it honestly blew my mind a bit.

I hadn’t heard “Peace… Out” even ironically for a few years and only ironically before that. This was a phrase that was dead when this guy was in high school.


Google doesn’t use Google Docs

I was reading the following post from Niall Kennedy: Google Mondrian: web-based code review and storage, and one line stuck out: “Recently some design reviews have moved onto an internal version of Google Docs.” The thing that interested me about that is I’ve heard Jason Calacanis and others on The Gillmor Gang talk about using Google Docs for coporate data. Now maybe Google isn’t using the public docs because they are dogfooding new features before they are unveiled to the public. More scarily, maybe they are using an internal version because the public version isn’t secure or stable enough to host their important documents.

AppleInsider | Parallels preps major update to Windows virtualization software

(this is cross-posted on Digital-Motion, my new digital media blog, wish there was a nice way to do that automagically with wordpress)

AppleInsider | Parallels preps major update to Windows virtualization software

This is oh-so-very-cool. I have to run bootcamp on my mac book pro because I need to be using the full power of the GPU. This won’t completely obliviate that need, but it will mean that I won’t need to install XP twice on my little MBP so that I can pop into Outlook or IE if I need to without restarting. With the new version of Parallels, you can use your bootcamp partition as the root drive of your XP Parallels session. Also cool is that they’ll support other OSes nicely, which means you can drop a linux install on there too easily. This will be awesome for web designers because they won’t need to buy extra machines to validate stuff on. This may even get me back to installing some windows or liinux audio and video stuff again. There is a lot of freeware we mac folk miss out on.

I think this virtualization stuff is progressing exactly the way I want to see it. Next step is to find out how well the Macintels run Vista…

I wonder how long until either Apple or Microsoft buys Parallel Inc. The fact that they are located in Redmond probably speaks more to the fact that they are probably well staffed by former Microsofties than that they made their plan to be acquired at the beginning.