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West Wing Geek Test: College Kids

Music Geek Test: They’re Canadian! Proudly Canadian! From Toronto Canadian! They’re standing right behind Allison Janey on the stage when she says it. Don’t you think one of them might have said something to the producer or writers? I don’t even own any of their albums and I knew that!

I started wondering if I’d misheard Allison Janey on the show and close captioning hadn’t helped when I watched it. So I did a little web search and found no one else complaining about this. Maybe I did mis-hear it, or am I the first person in the world to have noticed this? I really doubt it. I would imagine some Barenaked Ladies fan site would have freaked out about this. I’m sure I’ll hear from some BNL (as the kids call it) freak who’ll put me right if it was my hearing that was wrong and not the writers of the WW (as the kids may call it, I’m to lazy to see).

Music Geek Test or West Wing Geek Test…

you decide…

So in one of the episodes of the 4th season of West Wing, the CJ Craig character introduces the BareNaked Ladies has having started in the cradle of liberty, Boston.

West Wing Geek Test: What was the name of this episode?
Music Geek Test: What was so messed up about her statement?

answers in next post

Tivo saves television

My second technological revelation today

For one reason or another I’ve avoided getting a DVR. First it was the expense, and then it was the hassle of stringing the phone cord across my den. Then there was the politics of the Tivo company adding new advertisements while you were skipping over the others or supporting the broadcast flag or not developing the Tivo desktop for mac… I decided to go with an alternative. I was going to build a media PC around a Mac Mini, but that was an expensive proposition. Don’t even talk to me about Microsoft’s Media PCs.

Finally, I just broke down and bought the Tivo and now it is all much clearer. The beauty of Tivo isn’t time shifting or skipping over adds. The beauty of Tivo is that I no longer watch crappy TV anymore. I no longer flip around looking for something decent to watch when I am in the mood to watch TV. The side-effect of this is that I’m actually watching less TV, I think. When I’ve watched everything saved up on the Tivo, I’m not really willing to waste time looking for something else to watch. I’d rather just pop in a movie or read a book or something. This is the benefit I never understood or heard expressed this way…

I Got the RSS religion

I finally figured it out

Sure, I’ve been using RSS for a year or so now, using it to keep up on my favorite websites. I never understood the devotion to it that its proponents exhibited at Gnomedex, in blogs and on the Gillmor Gang. Then I wrote my own RSS aggregator as an exercise and it struck me. Sure, there is the “real-time web” and all that stuff, which is cute and fine, but what is more interesting is all the other stuff that you need to keep up with. All of the sudden, I see anything and I see the need for an RSS feed. It all makes a bit more sense now.

I got a fever… and the only prescription is more RSS feeds.

Thinking ’bout video

some links and stuff
The clicker has recently had some right-on takes on stuff:

In this article, Stephen Speicher makes a great point about how the next-gen DVD format wars aren’t about which is better for the consumer, but rather about which is better for protecting the profits of the content distributors.

In this article, he looks at the effect and aftermath of the recent legal decisions on the broadcast flag.

Also, via kottke, did a nice tribute to Saul Bass’ title work which is some of the most creative motion design work ever. They do a nice trick with a slideshow, but it would be cool if they posted the actual video (probably didn’t want to get sued into oblivion)

Posted: Sat – August 13, 2005 at 04:55 PM

Matt’s in the Market

reservations, whatever

I’ve had some pretty memorable meals at Matt’s in the Market over the years. This place is a local favorite and the devotion is well deserved. The place mixes a simple, but expertly prepared, menu with a relaxed and mellow atmosphere and an informal and friendly staff.

Two pieces of advice:
1) Check the menu before sitting down. Their menu is ever changing, but it is also quite small. You might find that there isn’t anything you want to eat after waiting to sit down.
2) Don’t bother with reservations. They will happily take your reservations, but they will also quite happily seat someone who walks in without reservations before you if they are there first. This happened to us recently. We walked in behind this couple who didn’t have reservations and they were seated at the last open table. We then had to wait 20 minutes to be offered seats at the bar.

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Restaurant Zoe

This is not a cheap dinner, but you’ll pay the bill with a smile on your face.

Zoe has been garnering a ton of hype and I’m happy to report that it is well deserved. The food was unique, the ingredients fresh, the service excellent, the dishes well prepared but not self-conscious or over complicated. This is a great special occasion restaurant or more often (if you can afford it). The only detraction is that the room can be quite noisy, but it never got to the level of other places we’ve been to where we had to shout to hear each other.

If you’ve read my other posts in this category, you’ll know that I’m pretty picky. I heartily recommend Zoe.

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Friday Harbor House


The Friday Harbor House restaurant in Friday Harbor (San Juan Island, WA) shows that good service and fresh ingredients can still produce an average meal. This isn’t such a horrible thing in itself, but when you are charging 4 star prices, serving 2 star food is unacceptable. Also when you are charging 4 star prices, maybe having a little bit of a dress code is ok. The woman sitting next to us in flip flops, a ratty tank top and gym shorts did not make us feel any better about our meal.

Avoid this place.

Macrina Bakery + Cafe

Amazing, but marred by a nearly fatal flaw

The line out the door (which is nearly constant during business hours) is emblematic of two things. First, the pastries and breads are simply amazing. Secondly, the counter staff sucks. Well, sucks is a bit of an overstatement. Some of them can be outright rude, but some are hampered by the weird setup of their retail area. The pastries are in a display case and on shelves where there is only room for one person. This means that there are often two or three people standing behind the counter doing nothing, while one is filling the order of someone in line. This is sometimes really frustrating for you as a customer because this place tends to attract people who will just stand there gawking at the items for sale, unable to make up their minds even though they have been standing next to that same counter for 10 minutes waiting. On multiple occasions, I have stopped by the shop feeling lucky that there was only one or two people in line and still spent 15 minutes waiting to order my muffin because the person in front of me wanted to know the ingredients of each thing in the case and what each tasted like and then wanted to pay by check. This is why many coffee places now have two cash registers, so that people like me who just want a large drip don’t have to wait behind the person ordering 12 different, complicated, drinks for their entire office. Macrina probably won’t bother to make a change like this because they don’t have to. Their food is good enough that even I (who hates lines) will wait for it, but they would be even more amazing if they could solve their customer service issues.

Macrina Bakery in Seattle